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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starting Your Own Online Marketing Business Without Money

If you are new to the online marketing opportunity, you probably have asked,’ how can I start making money online without money?’ It’s the most common question people ask me in seminars. And my answer has always been the same, yes. The true is that online business just like any worthwhile venture requires money. But there are a couple of ways you can start your online marketing business without money. This is one of the opportunities the internet represents to anyone with nothing other than their desire to start their own business. You can start your own successful online business without money. Here is a five ( 5 ) step affiliate marketing strategy you can use to launch your very own successful online business without money.

  1. Ask yours: “What will I do? “ Your passion is your greatest resource to starting and running your own successful business. What are you passionate about? Take time to find out what interest you much. Ask yourself, “What activities give me the most joy? “ And decide to build your business around your passion. The reason is that you’re most likely to be successful when you’re passionate about what you do, and besides making money only makes sense when you’re having fun doing it.  And most importantly you are more willing to hang on when things goes wrong. This is important because with business things will always go wrong at some certain point in time. And so, building your business around your passion is one smart thing you can do that will energize you as you work on building your business.
  2. Find product to sell. Now you’re about to start your affiliate marketing business. You’ve defined your passion, the next thing is to find affiliate product relating to your passion that you can sell and start making money. If you have in-dept knowledge on a particular subject and is something you’re passionate about you can create an information product on that topic and start making money selling it online or even through your local vendors. But not everybody have the knowledge to create their product reason why I am focusing this piece on affiliate marketing. If you don’t have the knowledge to create your product you can go the affiliate marketing way. Here is how. If you are passionate about pets, go to and search for pet affiliate products. Does anyone have any problem understanding the words ‘affiliate marketing?’ This is simply an arrangement whereby you sell other people product and get a percentage of the price paid to you as commission. Are we clear? OK, we are looking for pets affiliate products that you can sell and start making money. As you search google, take note of the top site and see which one you can work with. Or simply head on to and sign for a free affiliate account with them. On clickbank search for pets products. Take your time, study the sell page of the products you find and finally settle for one or two products that you can passionately market.  
  3. Create free marketing report. Now that you have to sell, its time to start the marketing process. Create a free report for marketing your product. You’re going to give out this report free to people with a link to your affiliate product and creating sells to be making money. I will show you how in the last two steps. For now just a free report. Now, assuming you don’t have any experience on this report writing thing, how do you get a report you can use for your marketing? Go to and search for article on pets. If your product is on pet care, search for pet care articles. Make you find an article that relates closely to pet care and provides value information. We’re done. Your report is ready to go and start making money for you.
  4. Monetize you report. This simply means turn your report to a money making tool. Here is how to do it. Add a signature file to your report. At the end of your report after you’ve given all the tips on pets care, add something like this: Learn how to make your pets like you. Click here ( put your affiliate product link here ) Now, this just an example, you can only have it like this if your product is an information product about how to make one’s pets like him. Your report is now ready to start making money; the next thing is to automate your report so that you can start marketing. Again, here is how to do it. Go to and setup a free autoresponder account. An autoresponder is an email service where you can set up a message that people can subscribe to by sending email to the autoresponder email address. If the need be go to google and learn more about autoresponder or use the resources at website. On your dashboard set up your campaign with your report. This is it, you’re done here.
  5. Start marketing. Here we are going to use forums as our marketing platform. Go to and search for pets forums. You will find dozen of them, but again settle for only one or two. Sign up as a member with that forum. On your profile page, write a mini ad for your free report with a link to your autoresponder email address. This will be something like this: Get a free report on how to care for your pets! Click here ( put your autoresponder email address here ). Now you are ready to start participating in the forum. Take time to have a feel of how thing work on the forum and start posting. Now, your affiliate marketing efforts is already working for you. As you are making post on the forum, more and more people will be emailing your autoresponder and reading your free report and with the link to your affiliate product at the end of your free report people will be seeing your affiliate product and a number of them will be buying and making you money.

Follow those easy steps and launch your own successful affiliate marketing business starting without the risk of investing any money.

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